Im (Sonny) the man behind Rustys Jewellery, based in London, As a self taught goldsmith/jeweller, my goal is to create beautiful, classic goods from precious metals and a variety of gemstones. I started the art of gold smithing with a few things in mind, beauty, curiosity and tradition, having the platform and ability to create beautiful pieces which will last a lifetime is something that I hold close to my heart. 

Every piece is a one off and made to order, no masters are created so casting is not an option. Traditional and lengthier techniques are prioritised over speed and convenience giving you a piece that is truly hand made, one of a kind, always.

The goal with everything I create is for it to be known that the work is truly handmade, the process lends itself to that. Gold is melted down into an ingot and is then hand forged on my old anvil with my vintage ball pein hammer. these tools normally and by the book, should be kept polished but these tools have the combined age of over 150 years. Thats 150 years of texture and life on your jewellery.

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