Rubies…aren’t they lovely!

Rubies, they hold a certain gravitas and allure that isn’t rivalled by many bar the obvious other big 3, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires. Not only are rubies beautiful but they are also very practical for an everyday ring. The ruby, along with sapphires are very hard with both measuring at a 9 on the MOHs scale of hardness (10 is the hardest with diamond and 1 being the softest with talc) meaning that the stone has less chance of being damaged through day to day wear or if you require a resize, the stone has less chance of “dying” under the heat needed to fuse or solder the ring closed for example with the resize or a repair.

Anyways…new work, I made this a week or so ago and it’s a classic three stone which represents the past, present and future. Way back In the day three stone rings would be given as gifts to family, partners or a very close friend to represent the three stages of a relationship, not necessarily an engagement or marriage. I took this classic piece and made it my own…this beauty is 14ct yellow gold and rubies (if you hadn’t figured already).

This piece will be available soon so feel free to contact for any info…

Thanks again for being around and showing love,

Yours In tradition and craft, Rusty X



ive been banging on about this new collection for a minute now and I thought it would be a good opportunity to let everyone know about it!

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New Home...

Soooooo its been a minute, I havn’t posted on here for a while, things have been bit manic and Ive struggled time wise to sit down and get some posts done.

So the past few months have been a bit of a whirl wind, I did my first trade show back in September which turned out to be brilliant (even considering the amount of stress I put myself under for it!), me and my lady are in the process of buying our first flat (which is amazing!) and on top of that I have moved into a new location to showcase my work (which is also amazing!).

The Tea Rooms

The Tea Rooms

The Tea Rooms is a super cool little spot on brick lane, its a unit with further small units inside, theres everything from my pal Spitalfields Taxidermy (, Vintage Typewriters, Art, Vintage Tea Sets, Glasses, little coffee shop in there and more, its super cool. Its open on the weekends same as I was before. Saturday is open 11-6 and Sunday is open from 10-5 and this is where im going to be showcasing my work on a weekly basis, customers can buy jewels, ill be taking orders, folks can get sized up and we people can just have a look!

The Spot!

The Spot!

Ive been there for around 4 weeks now and im enjoying it :) its a permanent set up so I dot have to pack up, set up I just come along with my work and voila! its also a project for me, im always going to be adding to it, trying to improve it and keep developing my aesthetic and the general vibe.

The address is 146, Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU and everyone is welcome down…

Peace and Love,

Yours in shiny things,

Rusty X


Time is pretty precious. It’s one of the only things you can’t buy back, you can’t reverse, fast forward or stop and that’s why you have to make the most of every day. We only have one stab at this life and man, please don’t watch it go by.

Don’t worry I’m not becoming a motivational speaker or preacher! But I’m feeling reflective and that’s something I rarely feel. Im a 100mph guy and im constantly thinking about what’s next often before I’ve even finished the current thing I’m working on but the reason for this post is That it’s an excuse to sit back, stop and think about the journey I have been on (let it be a reminder to your book). I’m not going to go into too much detail as I blogged about that in my first post but from a jewellery perspective I’ve just been thinking and looking back at the “road”

This was my 10th or so post on Instagram on October 19th 2015:


It was a silver and amazonite ring, although simple and pretty it’s fairly straight forward to make. I remember thinking “man £3 for a stone is expensive!”

It was a silver and amazonite ring, although simple and pretty it’s fairly straight forward to make. I remember thinking “man £3 for a stone is expensive!”

And this is my most recent piece, around 2 1/2 or just over years ago:


solid 18ct yellow gold with three beautiful tourmalines.

Not only are the materials vastly more expensive but also the techniques used in making the ring was a lot more challenging. Of course it’s relative to skill level and such but as a stark comparison it’s pretty different in the sense of how Ive changed as an artist or creative. It makes me feel, I dunno, like, proud...That’s unusual for me as like I said I don’t really stop and think or talk about me. Im still striving to be like the many scorchers out there! Im self taught with no real mentor in the Industry or anyone to learn anything from, talk to, even now im still figuring things out every trip to Hatton garden, every interaction with the public and every piece I design and make. I’m still learning about the craft and the business side of things so to think about what I’ve done so far again makes me grin a little. I think that should be the case what ever level your at. I’ve managed to change career, learn a complex and expensive trade (to a degree, of course I’ve still a lot of learning of do), start a business and make a living within three years from that business still leaves me shocked as I have no clue how I’ve done it by the time I’m currently 24 😂. It’s happened very fast but I’m happy.

Now I’m not writing this piece to talk about me (obviously I kind of am in a way but my experiences relate to the topic nicely!) but I’m writing it as a wee reminder to stop, think and to maybe give yourself a pat on the back for what you’ve achieved or done. Whether it be shaking a damn debt that you’ve had for years (trust me, I’ve been a bad way 😂), found yourself a new dream job, managed to do a pull up in the gym after x amount of time training or even little things like raising a family with children (note the sarcasm...the biggest job of all that!).

life’s pretty challenging and it’s the little wins in life that keep us moving in the right direction whether it be monetary, finding love or anyway which you view your life to go. Don’t worry about other people and their journey, were all different and comparing yourself to others is STUPID because like I mentioned were unique. It takes a pair to go out and grab your tiny slice of joy from the world and I have massive amounts of admiration for anyone who is chipping away at their small corner of the planet.

Be present, think of the now and think about past achievements as sometimes thinking of the past can often boost the future. 

Thanks for reading beautiful people, 

Yours in peace and love,

Rusty X

Ring one of “Inspired by Signets” collection

As you may know I’m doing a one off collection of rings called “inspired by signets” and ring number 1 is done! I’m pretty pleased how the piece turned out, it’s solid 18ct yellow gold with a stunning apple green tourmaline.

the inspiration for this ring was an old style signet ring from the Greek and Roman times, simple and primitive in form yet still makes a bold statement. So anyway, here she is!



The tourmaline is held in place by the little beads situated around the thick gold bezel. The ring is simple enough to allow the stone to do the talking but the gold work still is defiantly not understated. It’s a weighty piece weighing a lovely 15g in solid 18ct gold and tourmaline.  

Each ring is going to be engraved on the underside of the setting or on the inside of the shank saying “1 / 7 - Signet - 2018 - Rusty” to solidify its individuality and as a small little note to say what it is!

you can see this at the backyard market on brick lane every weekend but it’s unavailble until the 9th September at Top Drawer London, my first trade show.

Make sure to stay in the loop daily on my instagram for more on the collection :) 

peace and love,

Rusty X


Too Much dare you

Solder, to most, solder is pretty insignificant, it’s typically an alloy of some kind which can join two pieces of metal together. Used in electronics, jewellery, pluming and more. To a jeweller, it’s pretty important, you want clean strong solder joins in your work to make the piece as strong as possible and for it to look good. Too much solder and a lack of clean up will mean a faint brown/gold line where the join is and no one wants that.

what am I on about you might think? Well I made some simple silver bands playing on solder. I made it as a feature. I hand forged three different style silver bands and soldered at two points with wayyyy to much 18K yellow gold solder. 

I’m trying to make a play on something which may be perceived as a negative can become a positive if played right. Solder although is just an alloy that joins two points together, it also makes a simple bar of gold into an unbroken, endless loop which will (if made properly) last a lifetime. I’d rather look at solder as the link between a simple, unusable bar into something wearable and the rings 🙏

A ring is a loop that has no end, its the definition of eternity and i, in a way wanted to glorify the thing which can make something boring into that endless loop.

You can shop these via this link:

Thanks as ever for ready brothers and sisters,

Peace and Love, 

Rusty X

My inspirations...

As you folk may be aware, I’m in the process of making a one of a kind collection called “SIGNET” which will be on display 9th September at Top Drawer London. I’m pretty stoked by it all as Top Drawer will be my first exhibition/trade show so its all pretty new and exciting! None the less, it’s a perfect platform to debut this new 1 of 1 collection.

What to expect...Im not to going to be making what you would deem to be a classic signet ring with the flat face, wider shoulders and an engraving ontop, it’s been done before and I want my creative input into the idea. So, probably a better way to describe the collection would be by calling it “Inspried by Signets” as that is essentially what is going down!


I love the form factor of the signet, and what I’m drawing from the signet is the narrower base of the ring shank opening up into the feature head of the ring, whether it be the engraving, stones or what ever and that is essentially what I’m working towards, a tapering ring shank with the feature sitting bold at the top of the ring


The signet ring was the first thing I thought of when I wanted to make these one off collections so it only seems right to have that as my first theme. It’s going to be a classic style ring with my take on it. Simple. I love the history of the signet ring, how long it’s been Around for, why it was used and frankly, the look of it!

As ever, stay tuned on my instagram  for updates on the collection and to follow along with the process!

Peace and Love

Rusty X

First one of a kind collection...

Hey folks,

i hope everyone had a stunning bank holiday (In The uk anyway). We’ve had some crazy sunny weather and it’s been lovely.

just a quick post to say that the first idea of the one off collection is....*drum roll* Signet rings.

Signet rings are very fashionable nowadays, always have been and always will be. The style of ring has been around for literally thousands of years and was usually possessed by people of stature and had significant wealth. They was used as a means to empart for example, their family crest onto things like letters, invoices and other important documents. The style we know has developed over the years but in general is not too dissimilar to what they used to be like except nowadays a vast majority of signet rings are pre-made using hydraulic presses with steel dies and they can be punched out or simply cast in large qualities. Needless to say, they are awesome, stylish, classic for ladies and gents and I can’t see them going anywhere anytime soon.

Ring made and photographed by me.

Ring made and photographed by me.

I don’t want to give away too much of what it is I’m going to be doing but the signet rings won’t be in the style of the image above...that is all I’m saying 😂 

There will will only be one of each ring and there will never be another! The rings will be marked/engraved with “1 of 1” on the inside as well as saying “Rusty” and the date the ring was made. I’m super excited by this theme for the first collection as the signet ring was what spawned the idea for this whole one of collection thing in the first place! This first collection will first be on show at Top Drawer London on September 9th/11th.

i will be posting all of the process for the collection on my instagram so head over there to stay tuned to see how the collection is coming along. I may put rings up and available for pre order, what do you think?

Thanks for reading! 

Peace and Love, 



New ideas // New collections

As a person I’m pretty, should I say? Sporadic? I get bored very easily and have a hard time sticking to just one thing so the idea of a solid collection which is stuck (within reason) is a pretty challenging thought. I constantly change my mind and have new ideas sometimes bettering the original idea but sometimes just totally different. 

So I had a thought. Why do a solid body of work which will always be available?  Why not make limited lines of certain themes? 

The idea was had and I thought it was a good one, I’m going to be creating one of a kind collections based on a certain idea where each piece is one of one and I’ll never make that piece again. Sounds pretty extreme but my thinking behind it is that it allows me to get that certain obsession over one thing done and out of my system, it allows you guys an opportunity to have a piece which will never be made again, a true one off, handmade and designed from scratch for that singular piece and it also allows me to keep Rusty’s Jewellery fresh with new work consistently, in turn making it more enjoyable for your viewing pleasure!

so what sort of stuff will I be doing? It could be anything and that’s the beauty of this, I could be making a collection based solely on engagement rings. A collection with only signet rings. A collection with pieces made purely from palladium. A body of work with purely tourmalines, anything! It also allows me to appreciate every aspect of every piece more giving it its own stage to do its thing and to really flaunt every aspect of jewellery making/collecting.

 The first collection will be done and exhibited at Top Drawer London on September 9th/11th at London’s Olympia, I’m not sure what itll be but it’s gonna be there! I’m excited by this concept and the potential pieces that I make will be pretty cool! 


The collections I do will be done every couple of months or less frequent, I will make these as and when I have the idea so they will be sporadic, unique and totally one of a kind with no two pieces the same. I hope you like the idea and I’m looking forward to showing the first of these limited lines at Top Drawer London! 

as ever, stay tuned about more on these mini collections on my instagram as I’ll be posting more about these as I go on a daily basis. 

Peace and Love,