Why I choose the longer approach...

Lately, speed and instant everything is all the rage, we like things now and don’t want to wait. For instance, mobile phones. We can bring up our nearest coffee shop and how to get there in seconds, we can now order something on amazon and get it delivered the very same day without you getting out of a chair or watch anything that we want with a few clicks on the computer. Now as amazing as all this is and even though it makes life much easier I try to use my work and my process’ as a means for me to slow down a touch and really enjoy actually doing something and see it all come together.


The forging of the Luna cuff from NOCTIS 

Forging is for me the perfect process for this, it requires patience, attention and a bit of oomph. It’s pretty cool to see a ‘lump” of silver (in this case) turn into something wearable which will last a lifetime...and then some.  


The centre Moonstone

Now I’m not saying to go all Neanderthal and throw away phones, pull out an actual paper map and walk everywhere you go but I am saying to try where you can to slow down and enjoy the process of something. This doesn’t only link to jewellery by the way, it could be anything, take up a hobby or reignite an old one, go for a nice walk or simply just sit down with a tea and do nothing for 5 minutes!  Some of my tune out time is making pieces, especially setting. Been massively enjoying the process of setting stones, there’s something cool about knowing that something natural, beautiful and precious is living inside something you crafted. Setting takes a good eye, patience and precision.



Nearly there.

so my little take home point? Enjoy the process. Often you’ll find that you spend A fair amount of time on the road to somewhere than you do at the final destination so why rush?

Peace and love,