Today’s Work // Solid 18ct gold and sapphire ring

Quick post today, wanted to share a piece I’m pretty proud of, it’s a solid 18ct yellow gold sapphire eternity take on an eternity band. I made this eternity band initially in silver with iolite a while back and really liked it. It’s a classic ring style with my twist. Every piece starts life as silver/gold grain which is melted down into an ingot which is then hand forged to the final shape and form, every mark makes each ring unique to the wearer.

How each piece grain in this case.

How each piece grain in this case.

My thinking behind the ring was that I wanted each stone to have its own character and wanted each setting visually unique, like the stars in the sky, no setting is the same. 

Heres a photo of the original silver band I made:


As much as I like this ring, my skills have developed and setting work has come on a fair amount so here’s the 18ct gold version with 8 sapphires:

So why am I proud of this particular ring? Purely because it’s the piece which personifies the direction I’m heading with my work. I dreamed of working in the most precious materials the world has to offer and here it is. 

check our some more photos/video of this piece on my instagram 

Peace and love,

Rusty X