Natures Sweeties

Havnt posted a blog in a good week or so but I’m back! Pretty new to blogging so bear with me!

A very quick post today just showing you the finished article or a handmade, 18ct yellow gold pink tourmaline cabochon ring. A week or so ago I made a similar piece with the most amazing pink tourmaline, it was crystal clear with some stunning inclusions which made the ring so unique. I sold the ring and it’s now living in Denmark which is of course great.


long story short, I missed it so I had to make another similar ring, the design isn’t too different but I’ll never get another stone like the first. I wanted to keep the design simple and really show off the stone, I find too much clutter can detract from the centre stone but anyway, here is the current!

The tourmaline is almost purple, it is heavily included which to a lot of people decreases its desireablitly but to me it only makes it more special. Inclusions make each stone what it is for me, of course there’s beauty in a flawless diamond or a crystal clear sapphire but the inclusions in a stone is really what makes them for me, they’re unique and make each stone very different which I like.

Tourmaline has to be my favourite stone, it’s colour variants, variety in cuts and inclusions make is so appealing to me. I’m liking pink and green tourmaline lately as you might be able to tell 😂 

It will never stop baffling me how these beautiful gemstones come from the earth and are totally natural, yeah they’ve been cut and polished but other than that, totally natural 😍 

anyhow, I hope everyone’swell and You like the ring and I’ll see you In the next post! 

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Peace and love,