My inspirations...

As you folk may be aware, I’m in the process of making a one of a kind collection called “SIGNET” which will be on display 9th September at Top Drawer London. I’m pretty stoked by it all as Top Drawer will be my first exhibition/trade show so its all pretty new and exciting! None the less, it’s a perfect platform to debut this new 1 of 1 collection.

What to expect...Im not to going to be making what you would deem to be a classic signet ring with the flat face, wider shoulders and an engraving ontop, it’s been done before and I want my creative input into the idea. So, probably a better way to describe the collection would be by calling it “Inspried by Signets” as that is essentially what is going down!


I love the form factor of the signet, and what I’m drawing from the signet is the narrower base of the ring shank opening up into the feature head of the ring, whether it be the engraving, stones or what ever and that is essentially what I’m working towards, a tapering ring shank with the feature sitting bold at the top of the ring


The signet ring was the first thing I thought of when I wanted to make these one off collections so it only seems right to have that as my first theme. It’s going to be a classic style ring with my take on it. Simple. I love the history of the signet ring, how long it’s been Around for, why it was used and frankly, the look of it!

As ever, stay tuned on my instagram  for updates on the collection and to follow along with the process!

Peace and Love

Rusty X