New ideas // New collections

As a person I’m pretty, should I say? Sporadic? I get bored very easily and have a hard time sticking to just one thing so the idea of a solid collection which is stuck (within reason) is a pretty challenging thought. I constantly change my mind and have new ideas sometimes bettering the original idea but sometimes just totally different. 

So I had a thought. Why do a solid body of work which will always be available?  Why not make limited lines of certain themes? 

The idea was had and I thought it was a good one, I’m going to be creating one of a kind collections based on a certain idea where each piece is one of one and I’ll never make that piece again. Sounds pretty extreme but my thinking behind it is that it allows me to get that certain obsession over one thing done and out of my system, it allows you guys an opportunity to have a piece which will never be made again, a true one off, handmade and designed from scratch for that singular piece and it also allows me to keep Rusty’s Jewellery fresh with new work consistently, in turn making it more enjoyable for your viewing pleasure!

so what sort of stuff will I be doing? It could be anything and that’s the beauty of this, I could be making a collection based solely on engagement rings. A collection with only signet rings. A collection with pieces made purely from palladium. A body of work with purely tourmalines, anything! It also allows me to appreciate every aspect of every piece more giving it its own stage to do its thing and to really flaunt every aspect of jewellery making/collecting.

 The first collection will be done and exhibited at Top Drawer London on September 9th/11th at London’s Olympia, I’m not sure what itll be but it’s gonna be there! I’m excited by this concept and the potential pieces that I make will be pretty cool! 


The collections I do will be done every couple of months or less frequent, I will make these as and when I have the idea so they will be sporadic, unique and totally one of a kind with no two pieces the same. I hope you like the idea and I’m looking forward to showing the first of these limited lines at Top Drawer London! 

as ever, stay tuned about more on these mini collections on my instagram as I’ll be posting more about these as I go on a daily basis. 

Peace and Love,