Ring one of “Inspired by Signets” collection

As you may know I’m doing a one off collection of rings called “inspired by signets” and ring number 1 is done! I’m pretty pleased how the piece turned out, it’s solid 18ct yellow gold with a stunning apple green tourmaline.

the inspiration for this ring was an old style signet ring from the Greek and Roman times, simple and primitive in form yet still makes a bold statement. So anyway, here she is!



The tourmaline is held in place by the little beads situated around the thick gold bezel. The ring is simple enough to allow the stone to do the talking but the gold work still is defiantly not understated. It’s a weighty piece weighing a lovely 15g in solid 18ct gold and tourmaline.  

Each ring is going to be engraved on the underside of the setting or on the inside of the shank saying “1 / 7 - Signet - 2018 - Rusty” to solidify its individuality and as a small little note to say what it is!

you can see this at the backyard market on brick lane every weekend but it’s unavailble until the 9th September at Top Drawer London, my first trade show.

Make sure to stay in the loop daily on my instagram for more on the collection :) 

peace and love,

Rusty X