Time is pretty precious. It’s one of the only things you can’t buy back, you can’t reverse, fast forward or stop and that’s why you have to make the most of every day. We only have one stab at this life and man, please don’t watch it go by.

Don’t worry I’m not becoming a motivational speaker or preacher! But I’m feeling reflective and that’s something I rarely feel. Im a 100mph guy and im constantly thinking about what’s next often before I’ve even finished the current thing I’m working on but the reason for this post is That it’s an excuse to sit back, stop and think about the journey I have been on (let it be a reminder to your book). I’m not going to go into too much detail as I blogged about that in my first post but from a jewellery perspective I’ve just been thinking and looking back at the “road”

This was my 10th or so post on Instagram on October 19th 2015:


It was a silver and amazonite ring, although simple and pretty it’s fairly straight forward to make. I remember thinking “man £3 for a stone is expensive!”

It was a silver and amazonite ring, although simple and pretty it’s fairly straight forward to make. I remember thinking “man £3 for a stone is expensive!”

And this is my most recent piece, around 2 1/2 or just over years ago:


solid 18ct yellow gold with three beautiful tourmalines.

Not only are the materials vastly more expensive but also the techniques used in making the ring was a lot more challenging. Of course it’s relative to skill level and such but as a stark comparison it’s pretty different in the sense of how Ive changed as an artist or creative. It makes me feel, I dunno, like, proud...That’s unusual for me as like I said I don’t really stop and think or talk about me. Im still striving to be like the many scorchers out there! Im self taught with no real mentor in the Industry or anyone to learn anything from, talk to, even now im still figuring things out every trip to Hatton garden, every interaction with the public and every piece I design and make. I’m still learning about the craft and the business side of things so to think about what I’ve done so far again makes me grin a little. I think that should be the case what ever level your at. I’ve managed to change career, learn a complex and expensive trade (to a degree, of course I’ve still a lot of learning of do), start a business and make a living within three years from that business still leaves me shocked as I have no clue how I’ve done it by the time I’m currently 24 😂. It’s happened very fast but I’m happy.

Now I’m not writing this piece to talk about me (obviously I kind of am in a way but my experiences relate to the topic nicely!) but I’m writing it as a wee reminder to stop, think and to maybe give yourself a pat on the back for what you’ve achieved or done. Whether it be shaking a damn debt that you’ve had for years (trust me, I’ve been there...in a bad way 😂), found yourself a new dream job, managed to do a pull up in the gym after x amount of time training or even little things like raising a family with children (note the sarcasm...the biggest job of all that!).

life’s pretty challenging and it’s the little wins in life that keep us moving in the right direction whether it be monetary, finding love or anyway which you view your life to go. Don’t worry about other people and their journey, were all different and comparing yourself to others is STUPID because like I mentioned were unique. It takes a pair to go out and grab your tiny slice of joy from the world and I have massive amounts of admiration for anyone who is chipping away at their small corner of the planet.

Be present, think of the now and think about past achievements as sometimes thinking of the past can often boost the future. 

Thanks for reading beautiful people, 

Yours in peace and love,

Rusty X