Another New Home?!

Been a minute since I done a blog post, it seems that this year is flying! April already? Pretty mad but hey ho we move on!

You may or may not have known but I have been showcasing my work every weekend at Brick Lanes Tea Rooms, it’s a cool spot and a pretty central location where the public could come by and see my work, get sized up, order pieces and simply just have a look! But there’s gonna be a few changes...I’ve got myself a new studio! The new studio is where I’ll be working out of and where people can come by to collect orders etc. It’s a great spot in West Hampstead, north west London, not to far from Hatton garden. The building is beautiful and it was built in 1887 which gives it a super cool character, the studios are called Kingsgate Workshops. I’ll still be at brick lane minimum one weekend per month (first weekend of the month typically. Starting mid May) to meet new people, have people collect pieces etc but you’ll know via my Instagram. I’ll be at the Backyard market where I used to trade. 

Im pretty excited by it! It’s a new challenge, new environment and new people around me, i think I’m mainly looking forward to the new space and the new people, I think it’ll be really cool to work along side other artists/creative

kingsgate 2.jpg

This format will suit me much better as every time I’ll be at the market I’ll have plenty of new work each time, it’ll also give me good time to not rush designs and just churn stocked pieces out. Along with brick lane I’ll also be doing monthly or bi weekly shop updates with new work on the site shop. 

all in all a few changes but I’m looking forward to it! Be sure to follow the Instagram for regular updates and new work I’m doing!

Yours in Shiny things,

Rusty X