Too Much dare you

Solder, to most, solder is pretty insignificant, it’s typically an alloy of some kind which can join two pieces of metal together. Used in electronics, jewellery, pluming and more. To a jeweller, it’s pretty important, you want clean strong solder joins in your work to make the piece as strong as possible and for it to look good. Too much solder and a lack of clean up will mean a faint brown/gold line where the join is and no one wants that.

what am I on about you might think? Well I made some simple silver bands playing on solder. I made it as a feature. I hand forged three different style silver bands and soldered at two points with wayyyy to much 18K yellow gold solder. 

I’m trying to make a play on something which may be perceived as a negative can become a positive if played right. Solder although is just an alloy that joins two points together, it also makes a simple bar of gold into an unbroken, endless loop which will (if made properly) last a lifetime. I’d rather look at solder as the link between a simple, unusable bar into something wearable and the rings 🙏

A ring is a loop that has no end, its the definition of eternity and i, in a way wanted to glorify the thing which can make something boring into that endless loop.

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Thanks as ever for ready brothers and sisters,

Peace and Love, 

Rusty X