The piece i want isn't in my size, when will it be back in stock?

Every piece is handmade from scratch, so the size of you order won't affect anything :) the only slight difference may be the colour of the stone. Stones are naturally occurring materials and no-two stones will be exact. The shape will be the same, but the colour will differ slightly.

I really love a design but it is sold out, can you make another?

To a degree, yes! Before i remade a ring i would just ask the customer who has the first piece if its ok. I would never replicate an exact design, tweaks would have to be made to make it unique. There are some simple everyday designs that i will always re-make once sold such as stackers and such but most piece are only made once.

Ive seen something on your Instagram and want that, where could I get it from?

Again, no problem, send me an email from my contact page and enquire, some pieces seen on my Instagram are customs or one offs and can't be replicated but ill do my best to make it happen for you.

I love a specific design but i want a different stone ! Is this possible?

Sure is, just let me know the stone you want and ill make it happen!

My finger has gone a different colour, what should i do?

Simply try to run you jewellery under warm/hot soapy water and scrub the piece with an old toothbrush focusing on the inside, I clean all my work thoroughly but sometimes polish could be caught in a small groove or spot. All work is also made from hallmarked sterling silver/gold, the hallmark is essentially your guarantee on the fineness of the metal. If your still having problems just drop me an email and ill help you out :)

We would love to feature your work in our blog, can we?

Definitely! just make sure that you give credit to my page where credit is due.

So, where did you learn the art of silversmithing?

To be honest, it isn't glamorous at all, I used to be a personal trainer and one day i received a lovely turquoise ring from my Dad and my curiosity ran away with me. The first thing that came into my head was, "How the hell did this guy make this" so i googled how to make a ring and voila. I continued to learn at home. The beautiful thing about being self taught is that I will forever be a student. I learn everyday and i don't feel limited by a certain technique or style of working.

Where else can I buy your work?

I don't usually have stockists as i like to work from my own platform but if i do ill post it on my instagram page! I trade at the Backyard Market, Brick Lane every Saturday from 11-6 and sundays  from 10-5 every weekend unless I've posted other wise on my instagram, so your more than welcome to come by and have a look at my work. I also post on my instagram if I'm trading anywhere else so check that out.

Ive made an order, when can i expect it?

Every piece made is made from scratch, by hand, everytime without fail and as this is a one man show please allow a maximum of 4 weeks for your order to be processed, made and shipped out. Now 4 weeks is a maximum unless we've spoke about a time frame, i try and like to get orders out as fast as I can, if you have any special requests on order time just send me an email ( Every piece over a certain weight will be hallmarked at the london assay office and this can take up to 5 working days unless the piece has been already assayed. There are faster assaying services so if you need an order quicker than the 4 weeks please let me know.

I purchased a ring but it doesn't fit, what should i do?

No problem, the first re-size is covered under Rusty's Guarantee so simply send the piece back tracked (as i can't be held responsible for loss of items) (shipping and customs fees is also the customers responsibility) and i will resize the piece and return free of charge no questions asked :) 

Do you ship internationally?

Certainly do, all the relevant info is done at checkout :) The only other thing is that I can't be held responsible for any costs or delays from being held at customs.

I want a ring but i don't know my ring size!?

The best thing to do is to go to a local jeweller and ask to get your ring size! If that isn't an option get some string, wrap it around your finger so its snug but not loose or too tight and then measure the string in MM, once you've got the measurement drop me an email and I can give you your ring size. Another option is to swing by Brick Lane Market on Saturdays and Sundays and i can size you up there.

Small point - 

I like to leave small nuances and like the 'hand of the maker' to be left on each piece, but if you'd prefer these small marks not to be present then just let me know :)

I Purchased a piece but the stone is damaged?

No worries, we can sort it for you, just click the following link  "Rusty's Guarantee" then drop me an email :)